Martine I have no words to express how grateful I am. The precious moments you captured for us in our maternity
shoot and the shoot of our newborn twins are truly priceless... we will treasure these special pictures forever.
I look forward to having you continue to photograph our family as we go through lifes many wonderful journeys.
Thank you so much for your incredible work.

Dina Bloom, Maternity + New Born

The photos landed in our inbox within days of our photography session and we were blown away by them.
We had no idea that so many special moments had been captured during our session.
Martine effortlessly navigated two locations and 3 children with a spirit of ease and fun that came
shining through in the final product. We have wonderful memories sitting pride of place in our home and
in the homes of our extended family.  We have all been touched by the shots so skilfully crafted by Martine.
Thank you

- Chris and Martine  {Family Session}

Martine, thank you so much for the gorgeous images of myself at this very special time.
I can’t explain how overwhelmed I was when I saw the photos - so beautiful, raw yet grand.
Scott and I are in love with them and can’t stop looking back on them.
What a beautiful gift you can offer to pregnant ladies, this I think is the most special thing
I could have done to capture the first memories of our little one.
Thank you for making me feel comfortable and relaxed and thank you for allowing the shoot
to capture such a natural feel. You were gorgeous and very professional to work with and you work is simply breath taking!

- Tammy, Maternity


We were fortunate enough to meet and work with Martine because she was recommended by a good friend of ours.
As our friend was a fellow photographer too, we knew that we were in good hands. What we didn’t know at the time
was that our wedding was going to be shot by a master photographer. Martine is an absolutely amazing photographer and
there is no other way to describe it. Not only was she a delight to work with, but she delivered the most gorgeous and
amazing photos we have ever seen. I know that everyone must say that about their wedding and photos, but as you
can see, the work really speaks for itself. Neither my husband or I has ever been so pleased with photos of ourselves.
Martine has the incredible ability to capture the most flattering shots, in the most gorgeous light, and with the most desirable
composition. We anticipated getting a handful of great photos from the day, but what we ended up with was literally hundreds
of absolutely stunning photos.Working with Martine was a joy and we couldn’t be happier with everything.
I can honestly say that Martine not only wowed us, but she wowed everyone that attended our wedding.
We received so many comments from ours guest and friends like, "this looks like a magazine shoot”,
"the photographer is amazing”, “ these are the best wedding pictures I have ever seen”, and “these photos look like an ad campaign.”
Every time that we look at our pictures we amazed and thrilled. We would be happy to recommend Martine to anyone.

- Gerald + Peta { Bride and Groom in NYC }

I booked a pregnancy shoot with Martine very early in my pregnancy, thinking it would be a great idea to
capture this time in my life. She suggested that “the bigger the better” and we booked in for when I was 35 weeks.
HOWEVER, when the week rolled around, naturally I felt like a big, fat, sweaty, puffy piggy. I was in NO MOOD
to have photos taken of myself, for any reason, by anyone. I HONESTLY considered paying Martine her fee NOT to
turn up and NOT to take photos of me. THANKFULLY this did not occur. Martine turned up, we picked out a few things
for me to throw on, and she proceeded to take the most AMAZING PHOTOS I could ever have wished for.
She was totally no mess, no fuss – just came on in with her camera and without any fanfare or hassle, snapped a 
bunch of pictures in different parts of our house and made me feel TOTALLY comfortable and at ease. The whole thing was 
over in a flash and the resulting photos are honestly 100 times better than I could have hoped for. I personally DESPAIR 
for “cheesy” pregnancy photos, and thankfully this isn’t Martine’s bag. Her photos are equal parts artistic, natural, simple and beautiful.
I am SO THANKFUL I didn’t let my preggo poor self esteem get in the way of this amazing opportunity. I don’t know if I will 
be pregnant again in my life, and I will forever have captured the amazing changes to my body. I also have a beautiful album to 
show my little girl what she “looked like” when we were hanging out in the same body.
So THANK YOU Martine for your professionalism, amazing eye and skillful photography. I really will treasure the photos 
you took forever. And now I feel all teary. (hormones)

- Dani Lomard, Public Relations { Maternity Session }


I'd just like to thank you so much for the amazing photos you took! Both my maternity photos and the photos taken
of Mark when he was 8 days old are just beautiful. You only have the one chance to capture these moments in life and
you certainly have this talent. We have no hesitation in recommending you to all my friends and family. Your creative
and natural style of photography is just beautiful. The pictures you took will always be cherished reminders of this special
time in our lives. We now have the photos on our wall at home as a constant reminder of those early days of Mark's life.
Your relaxed nature helped us be ourselves throughout the experience in both photo shoots. I will certainly be in contact
with you to arrange more photos in the future to capture all the milestones in Mark's life!" Oh and you were so quick to
provide us with the photos including a selection of black & white and colour which was lovely as we could then use one of
the photos as the birth announcement which everyone absolutely loved! Little Mark all curled up in a basket like a little
package, who couldn't love it!
- Sally Adamik { Maternity + New Born }

I cant recommend Martine enough. We are so happy with the end result. Our 8 month old enjoyed her 90min photographic debut and Martine made it fun for her and us. The whole process was easy, enjoyable and great value for money.

- Helen Nash, Bronte {New Born Session}

We bought Martine to our final mother's group of the year and she was absolutely fantastic.
We got some excellent group and individual shots and she also made us a video which will be a lovely
memento for years to come. Martine is an excellent photographer and a pleasure to work with!

- Lorin Mulmann {Mother's Group}

We absolutely loved the shoot with Martine, she is so good with kids and so easy to work with.
The photos were amazing and she captured such special family moments.
She sent the edited photos back to us so quickly after the shoot, and we loved every image.
We will definitely use Martine again.

- Evie Summers { Family Session }

I was lucky enough to have martine shoot my pregnancy, and then a few weeks later I couldn't resist having
her take pics of my newborn son. Mart in both instances created images I was so proud of and will treasure forever.
Mart has a fantastic talent in taking natural, personal shots. She was happy to direct the shoot where I needed it as well
as adopt my ideas for pictures where I had my own thoughts. I was especially impressed with the skill and speed
Mart took pictures of my 8 day old son- he was not a cooperative poser but Martine was able to create the most amazing
shots none the less which are just priceless. She is so passionate at what she does which really shines through
her work. Both times she presented me with edited images so quickly that I was blown away.
I would (and already have) highly recommended Mart to anyone looking to capture a personal moment.

- Alexi Kayes {Maternity + New Born}

As a fun mothers group activity we invited Martine to come along and do a photo shoot of our gorgeous bubs!
We couldn't have asked for a more patient, kind and creative photographer!'. Martine helped make the day fun and
relaxed and the photos are AMAZING! I would recommend her to any group looking to do a similar shoot. Thanks Martine!!

- Crows nest mothers group

Martine has an amazing eye and gentle nature which has turned ordinary into extraordinary! She spent 2 hours with us
and in that time captured beauty, light and movement in a set of photos of our son Aitan and our little family that we
will no doubt treasure always. I am already ready to book her in should we have any further additions. It's also worth
mentioning that the business side of things (choosing and finalising shots, framing and delivery) were second to none,
all done promptly and in Martine's lovely way. Thank you Mart, we will see you next time!

- Melanie Marks {Family Session}

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