The FAQs

How do we get our photos?

Your photos are delivered via an online digital gallery. If you have selected the Unlimited package, download instructions will be sent immediately, otherwise you select your 20 images from that gallery.

How many photos do we get?

You will come away from a 1 hour session with around 100-150 digital images, all edited. Usually around 2/3 colour and 1/3 black and white.

How do I select my 20 images?

If you have opted for the 20 digital images package, then once you receive your full gallery, you will be able to create a favourites folder to create your selects.

Do you edit all photos?

Yes all photos you will receive will be edited and treated to look a certain way.

Whats your turn around time?

Within 7 days.

How do we book you?

It is best to drop me an email at to chat about what you are after and what location and timing works best. I will then send you an online booking form to complete.

Can you help us with planning?

Absolutely. I will advise you on how to achieve the best photos for your session, what locations work best and what time of day will give you the best light.

How far out do you book?

If you are after a weekend only, it's better to book at least a month ahead of time. Weekday sessions are more flexible with availability as a few days each week are left for last minute maternity and new born sessions.

My family are lunatics, how can I be sure they will behave?

They won't. And that's ok. You will likely end the session apologising for someone behaviour but in reality all those playful, silly moments add a great energy to your photos. But I will do my absolute best to make sure everyone feels comfortable and may even enjoy the session!

What should we wear?

You should feel fabulous but also comfortable and like yourselves. So if you're going to feel great in a new dress, do it. There are no strict colour schemes to suggest as long as you are all wearing tones that compliment each other. Please do send through pics of what you are thinking before hand if you would like an opinion! And please do not arrive in matching white t-shirts and jeans!


If you have a home you love, that is filled with lots of natural light, or have a young baby or children that are more comfortable at home, then let's do it at home.
We can use the bed for snuggles and jumping and also might even want to jump in the shower or bath.
Home sessions create a wonderful sense of comfort and intimacy and also lovely warm tones.

Or should we do it outdoors?

Outdoor sessions are great for maternity sessions or families that enjoy the outdoors and running free. Ideally these should be done in the last hour or two of daylight to really achieve the best light. This often means feeding the kids before hand. If this sounds all too difficult for you then maybe a home session will suit best.

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