Home sessions are a great way to create a sense of intimacy for your family and really reflect what your magic inside your home. The light is soft and beautiful and the rooms helps reflect the style and feel of your family. It can often be the easiest option for new borns but also children who feel more comfortable at home, or will also struggle for a sunset outdoor session.

Declutter some areas of the house

There is no need to stress that a huge clean up is required to have your session at home, but a general tidy up and declutter of certain areas will definitely be helpful in keeping you as the focus in your images.

We will likely shoot in your living area and main bedroom, so if possible clearing bedtime tables and the living area would be great.

What to wear

There is no exact science when it comes to what to wear. Earthy colours and neutrals can often photograph great, but so do bright colours and patterns!

I would love for you all to feel great, everyone looks great but also feels like themselves.

My only suggestion is wearing tones that work well altogether.

They don't need to be (and shouldn't be) matching, but complimentary.

And I also prefer if you avoid black!

Hop in the shower or bath

This is especially true for new born sessions, strip down and get some beautiful skin on skin shots in the shower or bath. There's something so incredibly beautiful and raw about these images, I just love having the opportunity to experiment in these kind of sessions and see what kind of magic we can create together.

Adjust your expectation of your kid's behaviour now

Your kids probably won't behave very well. I am just going to tell you now so you have time to get over the disappointment. But the best part is, it doesn't even matter. If your kids were perfectly still just smiling at the camera for one hour our images would not be very interesting. We want them to play, and run and be free and have tickles and tackles and show me what a normal hour in your family looks like. And surprisingly those are the shots you'll probably cherish the most.

Start the session with everyone full and happy

I know naps are a tricky one to control but we obviously want the kids as happy as possible on the day. If sleep schedules are off that day it's worth contacting me to see if we can shift the time to better suit.

And always starting the session on a full stomach is more likely to help us!

Look forward to meeting you all soon x