One of my favourite things over the 10 years of my business developing, has been watching pregnant women become more and more confident in photographing their amazing form. I know pregnancy often does not make you feel like the dainty earth goddess you imagined, but I promise that when you look back you will be so grateful that you took a moment to document the most incredible thing your body is doing.

What to wear

This session is about showing off that beautiful bump! There are many ways you can do this. Flowy and sheer dresses can be beautiful if they come in above your belly, otherwise if you want some belly out; wrap dresses, shirts or gowns are a great way to have some coverage but also expose your beautiful belly.

It is great to also try a few options in your session and please send me some options before hand so I can help you decide what is best!

Home Maternity

A home maternity session is such a great way to create an intimate feel for your session. We will utilise your bedroom mostly as well as your shower or bath if you were keen! Stay bare foot and collect items that feel comfortable and relaxed and show your belly. This might be a gown or open shirt, a gown, woollen cardigan, or a dress that opens at the front. Your partner is also very welcome to join!

Outdoor Maternity Session

What to bring?

Bring a variety of options to your outdoor session (and also please send me some options before). What tones to wear really depends on where we are shooting and at what time but I would generally ask you to avoid black and try show off the belly as much as possible. If we are shooting at a beach then its a great idea to wear swimmers underneath for easy changing and also easy to have the belly exposed by added just a shirt or skirt.

Please bring a towel if we are at the beach as well!

Get your kit off

Ok not for everyone! But showing your beautiful form in all it’s glory sure makes for some beautiful imagery. At whatever level you are comfortable with, I always try and encourage women to feel confident and beautiful in this state and try to capture this amazing thing your body is doing, in all its glory. Anywhere from poking your belly through a dress, to getting it all off, and everything in between. You can have a look through some of my galleries and see if it is for you!

Get Hansy

If your partner is involved in the session, try to stay as physically connected to your partner (and children if present!) as possible. 

Try to find a way to be touching throughout the session, which will make way for a more authentic connection without me having to prompt it too much.

Look forward to meeting you all soon x