Outdoor sessions create a wonderful sense of adventure, movement and fun in your session and incorporate a beautiful backdrop at the same time. Sydney is full of so many beautiful spots, it is a great option for those not wishing to have a home session or have an adventurous outdoorsy family.

What to wear

There is no exact science when it comes to what to wear. I can tell you that earthy colours and neutrals can often photograph great, but so do bright colours and patterns if they're put together well!

I would love for you all to feel great, everyone looks great but also feels like themselves.

My only suggestion is wearing tones that work well altogether. They don't need to be (and shouldn't be) matching, but complimentary. And I also prefer if you avoid black!

Feed the kids before

The best time to have an outdoor family session is the last 1-2 hours of light in the day, which can be tricky for kids around the Summer months, so I always suggest feeding the kids dinner before.

They should arrive full and happy and certainly not hungry or needing dinner in the middle of the session!

I know it seems like a daunting task taking young kids out after their dinner, but you'll be surprised how distracted and happy they can be.

Adjust your expectation of your kids behaviour now

Your kids probably won't behave very well. I am just going to tell you now so you have time to get over the disappointment. But the best part is, it doesn't even matter. If your kids were perfectly still just smiling at the camera for one hour our images would not be very interesting. We want them to play, and run and be free and have tickles and tackles and show me what a normal hour in your family looks like. And surprisingly those are the shots you'll probably cherish the most.

Pack snacks + water

Even though our sessions are only an hour, we often need a little burst of snacks or water just to keep them going and fully engaged for that time. And maybe even a little treat to get us over the line!

Watch the weather

In the event it is raining over the duration of your session, we will postpone. However I prefer to make the call a couple of hours before the session rather than the day before. Overcast or stormy skies can make for beautiful light and backdrops so we will go ahead with the sessions as long as it is not actually raining.

Travel Light

Pack one small bag with only the necessities, I love to get images of you walking together so likely sling it over my shoulder as we walk, so a small and compact bag with everything you. need is best. PS you don't need much! Some water and emergency snacks is all you need.

If we are shooting at the beach then make sure to leave a towel and change of clothes in the car.

Look forward to meeting you all soon x